1.Relevant Areas

The forum covers a wide range of areas such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering Science, Information Science, Life Science, Medical Science, Environment and Geoscience, Philosophy, law, Economics, Management Science, Literature and Art, History, Education, and other interdisciplinary areas.

2.Requirements for Applicants

(1)Under the age of 40.

(2)The forum is open to overseas researchers who have received a doctoral degree from internationally renowned universities abroad or received a doctoral degree from domestic universities with 3-year overseas working experience.

(3) Those who make good academic achievements or have great potentials in the research area.

In particular, prominent scholars such as ‘Youth Thousand Talents’, ‘Youth Chang Jiang Scholar’, ‘Outstanding Youth Fund Winners’ , and ‘Top Talents of Youth’ are cordially invited to attend the forum at our university.

3.Application Process

In order to attract young scholars at home and abroad in wide range, the forum consists of two forms: the featured forum and forum season, making the time more flexible. For those who are not available in the Featured Forum, you can choose to participate in the Forum Season. We still extend our warm welcome to you, and you may pick a convenient time to visit Wuhan University through mutual communication and negotiation with relevant schools and research institutions of our university.

Please login: to register and submit the application.

Invited scholars of the Featured Forum will receive an invitation email from the organizer with further details before March 31, 2018.

For Invited young scholars of the Forum Season, the forum’s organizer will send an invitation email to you at an appropriate time through negotiations.